And I thought I am fucked up...

Because being productive is better and I want to enlighten OP. As for why I used harsh words, "Pain is a good teacher". OP is hurt and thus will remember my words and hopefully understand that her silly activities are a waste of time, and she can use her time better.

Don't judge me based on your own preconceptions(It's gross). I don't have ego as high as you ENFP's (the curer and what not). My sense of self is completely what I think of myself, and I don't hold myself in high regard, thus the ego boosting you mention, isn't a part of my existence, and I honestly don't care if I'm better than others or not. I still haven't reached my potential standard, thus I'm a failure. No matter how much people say otherwise, I'll continue being a failure, thus I'm unable to boost my own ego. I don't insult others for making myself feel better. I may insult them because I can insult them. That's it. Why are you being hurt by a stranger? A mere no one says harsh things and you allow it to affect your conscience? LOL, this is what you amount to in the end...allowing any trash to affect and upset you.

I don't care about being intelligent or productive, but I want to enlighten the masses and show them a different perspective that may be better. It's their choice if they want to use my perspective, or cling to their current perspective.

Go and play with your other shallow friends. Your logic and arguments are flawed and based on assumptions, and prejudice which is blatantly incorrect. Conjecture. LOL, no wonder you ENFP are used for your feelings, and seldom for you logic and rationality xD

Do you now realize how shallow your thinking really is? What you amount to in the end? :P

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