What is the US connection between Conservatives, religion, guns, and patriotism based on?

You have a car. It’s a make and model you love and are interested in maintaining to its best performance. This car is showing some age and has its problems, but you’re confident that with some upgrades it’ll be the best. You acknowledge it has those problems and want to improve them. You still love the car though, since it’s a great model and has good potential.

Your neighbor has the same kind of car and it’s also starting to show some age. Your neighbor however doesn’t admit to any of it’s flaws and declares that the car has always been perfect and always will be. It needs no upgrades or maintenance and it never should have. Surely the manufacturers would have built it differently if he didn’t have to. He puts signs up everywhere with the cars logo, and maintains that because you don’t say the same thing about your car or put logos everywhere that you hate your car.

Fundamentally, you both love the car. You just have different ways of showing it.

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