What did your roommate from hell do to earn their title?

Can't compete with most on here, but lived in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom setup dorm apartment. Bedrooms were 7ft x 11ft which included our only closet/storage space.

College didn't give a shit about matching roommates based on any questionnaire or background or literally anything else.

My 3 roommates were: 1) perpetual party boy ladies man, never knew how much nakedness or random articles of clothes you'd find coming home. Never got tired of naked chicks, but def tired of cleaning up after them and helping them find clothes. 2) Uber-nerd, only surfaced from his room for classes, absolutely no clue when or how or what he ate. Only saw him in person maybe a dozen times over freshman year. 3) and this is where it gets fun, guy was a total pot head, I mean, walking talking (barely), picture of why people are against legalizing it. Remember, rooms are 7x11, he usually had at least 3-4 friends over to smoke, had 2 box fans stacked on each other aimed out the window, rarely went to class, and the weed smell still permeated the entire dorm. I don't think hygiene was high on his list because I literally never encountered an already wet shower in the half year of school it took him to fail out. Yup, he smoked so much he failed out in 1 semester.

Back to playboy, dude ate there often but never, literally never, did dishes. Totally destroyed our kitchen many, many, times trying to show off skills to get laid, but it could go up to a week of me refusing to clean it before I gave in. Pot head didn't even notice. Uber-Nerd didn't care since he never ate there.

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