What is the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

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So this started yesterday, when I was working in Latin class (Latin at my school is a computer lab course) and the computers at my schools are 8 year old optiplex 780s running windows 7, they freeze frequently, lag, and are practically unusable. I decided I would use the Ubuntu boot USB I have on my keychain to boot up Ubuntu on the computer and use that to get my work done.

After a solid 30 minutes of work and progress, one of my teachers (who had known I'd been using ubuntu) decided to use the teacher view system to look at what the students were doing, but mine didn't show up since I was running Ubuntu.

The teacher comes over, confiscated the drive with ubuntu, and my personal 32gb mobile usb/micro USB swap drive with all my schoolwork, movies, documents, and music on it and sends it all to the office.

They told me to wait a day and they would have the IT guy look at it, and this morning my English teacher informed that an email went out saying I'm blocked from the network. So I go down to the office.

I go down, and I spoke to the principal, and was informed that "due to the intrusive nature of the drives" that I am being blacklisted from the system (including wifi), disallowed from any technology, am not receiving my personal drives back, and am being threatened with destruction of property.

Tl;Dr I wanna get work done, **** me right?

Edit: and it's two ****ing weeks from finals.

Edit2: I spoke with the vice principal and what they're actually accusing me of is manipulating the servers, the content that they found "intrusive" happen to be the debugging tools I use on a daily basis.

In My Latin class 4 computers were shut down unexpectedly destroying student work, I was accused of doing this since I was not visible on the log in server. I did not do this, it is not supposable, I did not have windows access that is necessary. Had I been on windows, I would have had more than the resources necessary, the fact that I was running Ubuntu makes this simply not feasible.

I requested to speak with the IT person, they are currently not charging me with anything or using any formal diciplinary actions, but they have blacklisted me from the network and are disallowing me from using school technological resources until the investigation is resolved.

I know more than likely who did this and I will help to all my extent to prevent this from happening again.

I was also informed of harassing emails being sent to the teacher who did this to me (this has been going on for months apparently), and there is no suspicion that this is from me, as I have known the teacher since my freshman year and even knew his wife before, and participated in the debate team he runs.

Edit3: I'm finally home, My sister came and checked me out 2 hours early over this. She demanded they hand the drives over threatening legal recourse but they refused to. We're contacting the Super-intendant and if the drives aren't returned by Monday we're contacting the police. I hate to do this but the school has gone on a full blown witch hunt attempting to accuse me of harassment.

I even at one point offered to help out the IT department in their investigation and speak with them to do as much as possible, they had not contacted me with this so I assume their not going to since they really just want to get me for this.

The school is now saying that they'r examining the drives, which they have been doing since this morning, there's nothing on them but Stock Ubuntu and my Personal files (Music, Movies, Documents, etc.). They are currently violating my personal property and are subject to legal recourse which may have to be taken, although I do hope that it can be solved before that.

When my sister went to the school she spoke* with the vp and the principal (*= Shouting match). Demanding the return of the drives otherwise legal recourse would be the only course of actions, she was (Belligerently) directed to contact the super intendant, which is what we're currently doing.

The whole reason they're doing this is because they want to blame all their problems on me, to do a brief quote from John Lennon "They hate you if you're clever". So they're currently attempting to get my on something that I didn't do, my biggest worry is if they attempt to plant evidence on the drives which is my biggest worry.

Thanks for reading again, I'll try to get more as it develops so stay tuned. If you have any questions I will try to answer them as quickly and appropriately as possible. If all goes well, this will turn into the Schools FU not mine.

Edit 4: This is the schools technology use of agreement policy link. Which For the record I did not sign.

Final edit: Here's the Update post, a lot has happened since. Link

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