What was the earliest major event that you remembered living through and how do you remember it?

The resignation of Richard Nixon - I was in very early elementary in 1974. My mother watched the hearings, his speech, the nightly news, read everything she could, and so it was in the ether for quite awhile. She made clear that he WAS a crook to me, but I was shaken that it felt like the head of the country was just peacing out. The President! Just leaving! No one had explained to me what would happen in his absence, so it was frightening to an already pretty anxious kid.

I ‘member when we all agreed on the same facts. When liberals and conservatives trusted the same news sources. If someone didn’t they weren’t taken that seriously, and generally an outlier, at a national level. In my rural area, I heard all sorts of incredibly offensive, racist things growing up outside of my mother’s earshot. Being vocal about my liberal beliefs actually caused tension as I progressed through school, were Bible questions could be worth bonus points on a test. POV- Gen-X

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