What is everyone's opinion on the New Yorker article on Caitlyn Jenner and gender?

I am a woman in engineering and when I sat down with a college advisor he told me I would have to be realistic about how my gender would limit my school/scholarship options.

Almost every man I've known has behaved surprised that I'm good at math and science or treated me like there is no way I'd could ever be good at those subjects.

When I was in engineering labs I stopped raising my hand and talking to TAs because they would come over and help or listen to me. I had to tell my lab partner to raise their hand and tell them what was going wrong, even though my partners usually assumed the error was made on my behalf.

Men tell me I am lucky to go to school with them. I have given up on gaining respect through my intelligence and capabilities because that isn't realistic. Best case scenario is that when I do my job well eventually men feel that I have "proven" myself as a somewhat equal, but usually they behave as though I am out of line, and my defiance upsets them. I have gotten excellent at reading dispositions and saying the right thing so that men feel like they can keep their dominance over me even when I tell them what to do. ie If someone is egotistical I'll say "I really think you are the best person to do this job." Most of these men give me the option of being a bitch or their bitch, so they call me aggressive and overly sensitive when I dissagree. Also, all women love the "must just be your time of the month" comment.

I have been catcalled since I was 11. I feel terrified walking alone at night and can only find comfort in pulling up my hood and trying to hide my face/body so as to disguise my gender and holding a phone to my ear for the implication that someone knows where I am.

When I am in a club men try to separate me from my friends one or my friends from me. They may corner us, pull us away, ask if we are alone when we leave them for a moment. I am constantly keeping tabs on all of our drinks.

I can go into more specific examples if you would like.

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