What few words could piss off most Americans?

I reject your assertion that this conversation is about firearms.

What? This entire conversation is about the delusional nature of gun fundamentalism, and now you're trying to steer the topic away from it, almost certainly because it is impossible to defend.

I maintain its about violent crime victimization rates.

Well it isn't. Go back to the beginning of the comments if you've forgotten what this discussion is about.

But, gun crime has been falling as fast as other crimes in the US. Once again, I point you at the FBI Uniform Crime Report

Those figures demonstrate the rate of murder with firearms dwarfs all other means.

you keep saying that the US and UK have different definitions of violent crime.

I stated that because you used the words "violent crime" and they are different in the UK and the US. As the data is recorded differently the statistics for comparison will always be inaccurate, even if the collator of the data has made an effort to make them comparable. Serious injury in the UK could be an old lady having her nose broken by another old lady's handbag. That simply wouldn't make it into the statistics in the US. No matter how many times you say they've only recorded serious injuries the fact that the home office records statistics differently to the US will result if different figures.

This discussion started talking about comparitive rates of violent crime in the US and England/Wales.

WTF? No it didn't. It had nothing to do with violent crime. It was you claiming no one has the right to criticise the 2nd amendment, championed by regressives.

Because that assertion is empirically untrue. We have seen a huge spike in the last decade in numbers of guns sold, concurrent with a dramatic reduction in gun crime.

It has been anything but a dramatic reduction. Police shootings and firearm related crime are still an American pandemic. Crime has declined throughout the developed world for a variety of reasons. Ownership of guns is not one of them and is clearly one factor for the US having higher levels of firearm related crime and police shootings.

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