What few words could piss off most Americans?

Well, we have reached inevitable end of this discussion. You reject the data, in favor of your beliefs.

What? No, it's you rejecting data in favour of your beliefs.



Just anecdotally it can be observed that there is a fraction of the gun crime in Europe and Australasia compared to the US, as well as fewer murders.

Here is an excerpt from an essay that analysis the statistics:

While it becomes clear that certain types of offenses are marginally higher in the UK than in the US (robbery and knife crime being more likely in the UK by an order of 1.1x and 1.27x respectively) a number of other, more serious offenses, are both marginally and substantially higher in the US. Rape of a female is 1.02x more likely in the US, while theft of a vehicle is 1.29x more likely. More disturbingly, burglary is significantly higher at 1.52x more likely to occur in the US. However, it is at the considerably more, well, violent crimes that America really supersedes England and Wales into its own class. In the United States, you are 6.9x more likely to be the victim of aggravated assault resulting in serious injury than in the UK. You are 4.03x more likely to be murdered than in the UK. And more staggeringly (though not surprising) you are 35.2x more likely to be shot dead in the Unites States than in the UK. https://dispellingthemythukvsusguns.wordpress.com/

I have addressed every point you made, and provided sources for everything I said.

No you haven't. You've tried to change the topic, pretend this wasn't about gun crime, quoted statistics regarding crime not related to firearms and provided no insight whatsoever into illegal firearms. You failed to even acknowledge the point that multiple guns owned by an individual make little difference to anything other than sales figures, and that police shootings and brutality are up and drastically higher than anywhere else in the developed world.

You can try to deflect the conversation onto irrelevancies

Which is 100% what you have tried to do throughout this discussion whilst I have tried to get you to stay on topic. You've claimed this wasn't about firearms but violent crime, which it wasn't, and you've repeatedly told me it was none of my business anyway, when it quite simply is.

but I see that as an admission that you can no longer reconcile the facts with your belief system.

It's weird seeing a fundamentalist defeated pretending they in anyway addressed any of the points.

Ciao. Try not to get beaten up.

Thankfully, as demonstrated by statistical analysis, my country is far far safer than yours. I don't need a gun to keep myself safe and I'm 4 to 5 times less likely to get murdered, so don't worry about me. My country hasn't been ravaged by fundamentalism facilitating regular shootings.

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