What we say about Western girls really is true: a field report

It's interesting that you mentioned that your plates are usually Korean and Russian, as the two countries share a very similar history. Your analysis of the impact of Russia's violent history on it's culture is spot on, and the same applies to Korea. In 1906, Japan invaded Korea, and for the next 40 years, began a genocidal campaign of total depopulation. In fact, some historians estimate that as many as 80% of Korean men were slaughtered in the span of 40 years. Fun fact: Korean teenage boys were the ones coerced by the Japanese into piloting Kamikaze planes vs the US during World War II. After World War II, Japan was forced to give up Korea as part of their unconditional surrender to the United States (this is one of the biggest reasons why South Korea, to this day, is one of the strongest supporters of the US, but that's a story for another time). Immediately following this, the Korean War began, and another 8 million Koreans were killed. In essence, for 3 generations, Koreans were subject to the most insane horrors you can possibly imagine, and the male population was annihilated. Following this, literally all of the infrastructure, most of the populace, and even the environment was left in ruins. Severe famine became widespread, and the population was decimated even further.

As a result of a century of turbulent history, Korean women know exactly how important men are. Men wage war. Men defend their homeland. Men work the fields and provide food for their families. Without men, there is only death. This is why even with a rapidly modernizing culture, South Korea is still one of the most traditionalist societies on Earth to this day. Unfortunately, with Western influence spreading like a virus throughout the world, some of those in the latest generations are becoming special snowflake princesses, but you can still find plenty of well reared Korean women if you know where to look.

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