What fucked up thing did your school do?

What fucked up thing did my school do? How about thousands of fucked up things.

The district is a DISASTER.

Our previous school superintendent had a lawsuit filed against him for making threatening and offensive comments to parents, staff members, and employees of other government agencies totally unrelated to the school. He also insulted a diabetic girl, and refused to provide proper accommodations for disabled students. (It is the only one of two school districts out of 7 different ones in the county to offer help for disabled students.) That is on top of four other lawsuits against the school for failing to protect against or do other things.

And there are sex and abuse scandals out the wazzoooooo.

One teacher was fired after "jokingly" locking a student into a closet for approximately 35 minutes.

Two teachers in the past have been suspended (and convicted) of sexual imposition, sexual battery, and falsification of applications.

Another teacher was recently suspended (this school year) for making inappropriate comments towards a student.

And a different teacher was recently arrested and sentenced to six months in jail (also this school year). He was having an affair and sexual relationship with a school nurse, and then decided to beat his wife one night.

Not only is this district a disaster through these things above, it has one of the lowest, if not THE lowest Ohio Graduation Test passage rate in the county, it also has the lowest graduation rate in the county.

They also have one of the worst sports programs in the state. The football team in a normal year can barely manage one win, and all of the districts sports programs are consistently on the bottom in its sports leagues.

The only thing the school really has going for it is its band program, it was one of only five bands in it's class to get the highest possible rating at state finals last year... But even at that, the band's director is a former city councilman, so he has his own reputation going against him and the program.

The district can't do anything correctly.

Now there is a huge explosive debate about the school district serving moldy food to students.

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