What is a habit of yours that is frequently misinterpreted/misunderstood, and what does it actually mean?

It was one fateful evening, in the cool crisp climate of the 7th of September, when my life changed for the better. I was out for an anniversary dinner with the missus at our favorite high class restruant in the the downtown section of our small, what you would nowadays call a village. It was peaceful, a romantic scene was set in the candlelit patio of the cafe. I sat there, enjoying my steak dinner with my (at the time) love of my life, contemplating the past months that had lead up to this special date. When it came to her and I's bedroom life, dullness was the mutually accepted mood for the time being. The missus had seemed to grow tired of the boredom and had dropped few hints talking about how to spice it up by adding "a new variable" as she put it. I was broken from my contemplation by the waiter politely coughing to vatcht my attention. "Would you like desert, sir, madame?" We kindly declined, just as I finished my last bite of medium rare steak. That's when I saw it. Across the the patio, the most strikingly beautiful man I had ever set eyes on. I had always considered myself sexua

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