What do INTJs fantasize about in a relationship?

I yearn for an ENTJ.

I have a sincerely loyal crush on an ENTJ and it reminds me of these ideations all of the time.

  • Intellectual connection so sensual that makes even the best of chemistry feel feign
  • Immense, compassionate loyalty
  • Zero drama
  • Feelings and emotions, said pragmatically
  • Opinions and viewpoints, shared logically and amicably

The entire engulfment of intuition between two people where you hold a conversation of looks, saying everything without saying nothing at all.

The unwavering loyalty, yearn of protection and attention to detail with them. That is often given without saying or asking at all.

And right now I am entertaining an ENFP and I am becoming drained after weeks.

All I think about is going back to my goals to avoid the emotion and the haphazardness and defensiveness and whimsical nature of FP. My books and podcast time. My gym time. My cardio time.
My plentiful thoughtful and contemplation time. My 12-hour nap (lazy) time

And the thought of that ENTJ, however imaginary and probably entirely insane of me, keeps me entirely warm at night and enthralled by day - and makes me want to push myself even deeper into my hobbies, to better myself.

TL:DR an ENTJ instead of an ENFP. Or anyone for that matter. And I guess I am perfectly okay with that, if I never meet another ENTJ like them again, at least I will better myself in hopes I someday might.

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