How attractive do you think you are ? (out of 10)

OP you should have included 9. We know 10s don't exist but there is a significant difference between an 8 and 9. Pareto principle.

AMA: I've been every number on the scale

9 or 10 (top of the food chain): peaked in elementary school (lol), nearly every girl into me, even some girls older and some younger. A female friend confirmed this when girls made lists in the girls locker room, lol. Girls would fight over me, cry, lie, do weird shit. Many years later even into adulthood a few of those girls have reached out to me.

8 - It's been all downhill since then, hahaha. 8 was in college, I was a bit older then hence the decline, worked on myself physically, but I'm not a tall nor a chad; just above average in a few ways and still have many girls flirting with me. Though I also recognized pulling the 9s were out of my league: more confirmation I dropped.

7 - Me today. Much older now. Still in probably 92nd percentile for fitness (athletic build) but there's a big gap between me and the 99th percentile male (bodybuilder build) (again, pareto principle). Hair started thinning. I can still pull 6s, 7s, and 8s, so I'm likely a 7. I have potential to return to 8 but need to: bulk up over 2 years, get a promotion, get more experience/confidence, and fix the hair problem (workin on it).

1 to 3 - depressed in high school. rock bottom was rough. Gave me perspective of the full spectrum of 1-10 and how people treat you. RIP to my brothers in this range. It's not hopeless, there's a lot you can improve to get to 5-6 and live perfectly comfortably.

4-6 post depression, still in high school. At least people treated me like a human again, but still nobody really into me yet. But then.... very end of senior year, my confidence was back, had been working out a lot... hottest girl in junior year hits on me at a party (later became a model)... I'm back!

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