What lie do you repeatedly tell yourself?

My girlfriend and I just moved out of home and bought our own home together about 2 months ago. Fully furnished it together, bought a kitten together.

Two days after our home loan got approved I got told I was going to be out of a job in a couple of months. That was stressul. Finding a new job was stressful. But I got offered a new job! A beautiful loving girlfriend, a new job, our own home, a kitten, a new life! And the new life was looking great!

About a month and a bit after moving in together, the night after I had finished my first day at the new job (stressful time once again) she sat me down on the couch and told me that she wasn't feeling the same lately. She wasn't ready for this. She had been feeling weird and didn't want to lead me on before we got too far into everything. She loves me but she's not "in love" with me anymore. She needed to be alone for a while and she was moving out.

We had been together for almost 6 years. I'm not going to lie this is definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with before in my life and I am in absolute struggle town right now. Still trying to piece together exactly where it all went wrong (what I did wrong?). We have so many memories, so many firsts that we did together.

Our relationship was so so special and one that we felt not many people ever get to experience. We'd always talk about how lucky we were to have met each other, how compatible we had always been and how we just clicked the moment we met and the love never faded, just kept growing stronger. I have never experienced the amount of unconditional love that she showed me and I think I'll struggle to find someone that will give me that amount of love ever again, or someone that I have so much in common with. (Not that I can even fathom being with anyone else at this stage any how) All our morals and interests just aligned. It actually blew both our minds how in-sync we always were with each other!

I'm really hopeful that this is just a hurdle and we're not finished permanently. I can't see how we could just throw something so special away so easily. But I also don't want to hold onto false hope.

Sorry about that. I had to vent somewhere.

But today was a bad day and I've been fighting my own thoughts all day but this post helped me a lot. Thank you for your words. I needed to hear this. Much love <3

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