What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

I'm a nice guy, and this hasn't really helped me with the ladies outside of stupid long-term relationships. By no means am I a ladies man. Im kind to my lady friends and normally i get rewarded in food. However, one day my kindness paid off like no other.

I was driving home from an event with my fraternity, and I get a call from a friend of mine. She was crying because she got very drunk and didn't know where she was. I saw her on a park bench on my drive, picked her up and took her home. She told me to stay and listen to her drunken and slurred life story. I listened, made sure she got to bed, and slept on the couch. When I woke up, she jumped my bones and made me promise not to tell anybody. I left for class very confused.

After class, I get a call from another friend of mine who has just been dumped. I thought I was just going over to her place to bring her some Starbucks hot chocolate like a good friend should. When i sat down, she sat on my lap. You see where this is going; we had a fluid gift exchange, I wished her a merry dickmas and went on my way a very confused but very satisfied dude.

At this point, I'm tired and just want some take-out. I go to pick up some Thai, and a girl comes to talk to me while I'm in line. She had seen me at one of my fraternity's community service events, where we threw a little carnival for underprivileged children. At this event, she had also seen me help an old lady cross the street. She said she wanted to smoke me out for being so sweet. My college mantra was 'if it's free you gotta take it', so I let this stranger into my house. To my surprise, this monster of a person had no weed (seriously don't do that to a stoner). She did, however, have multiple breasts and wanted to make them bounce. Luckily, I was 19 and still had the perma-boner of yesteryear to do the deed.

So that's the luckiest I ever got, three women in one day. My overall 'number' isn't much higher than that. I do try to be a nice guy and usually only have sex when I'm in love. But on that day, I just kept on getting lucky for no discernible reason.

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