What made you ghost a friend?

I stopped talking to my recent best friend for several reasons. The first being when I took the day off the drive her to the hospital to have her miscarriage taken care of. When the hospital staff asked who I was she quickly said “the only person who could get the day off” instead of simply “friend”. That felt like a knife cut.

For months, I supported her through a ridiculous breakup with her abusive, trash boyfriend (the father), only to learn that she was lying the entire time and still screwing around with him (they’re back together now, fyi).

Any time I told her anything remotely personal, everyone in the friend group somehow ended up knowing and she would get mad when I would confront her about it. She constantly lied, bailed on plans without saying anything, and pitted people against one another.

The final straw was when I officially met her boyfriend for the first time, after they had gotten back together. The entire night he simply shit talked me, my profession, her best friend from childhood, basically everything. And she joined in. I realized I didn’t need that toxicity in my life and I quickly broke contact.

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