What makes you not want to have kids?

(24 F) This weekend, I was babysitting for a family friend who has three kids under the age of five. I was there while the parents went to a wedding.

The mom told me to shower the three kids. I was wondering how the hell I was going to do that with full clothes on and not get soaked. I couldn’t get the shower temperature to work so the three of them were crying. The one-year-old had a blow out and I had to rinse him off like a dog. I got drenched and my socks were so wet I had to take them off and my sleeves were soaking.

Next was bedtime which where is where it got even worse. The one-year-old has never had a night alone and is breast-fed and rocked to bed so let me just tell you he absolutely would not go down and was screaming bloody murder.

After 20 minutes, I brought him back downstairs and he was tugging onto the freezer like a koala bear saying “pop pop pop pop” asking for an ice pop. I gave him one for my sanity. After a while I brought him back upstairs thinking he must be tired… When I put him in the crib he started screaming at the top of his lungs again and so I read him a book and he calmed down a little bit. His eyes started closing while I was reading.

But nope. Moments later, in barge the two other siblings who were apparently hitting each other and got into a fight. They were crying. When the baby saw them he started crying too. At that point I felt tears forming in my eyes.

After I eventually got them to bed I literally sat in the dark just fathoming what just happened

Overall those eight hours were borderline harder than my second semester of law school.

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