What mental imagery is, and why aphants aren't missing out: A (hopefully!) demystifying account by a hyperphant

I, too, am a hyperphantasic. And I could imagine for an aphantasic who really does feel like they're missing out, reading this post would feel like a punch to the gut. I understand you're trying to help, to alleviate some of the pain that people are expressing, though it subtly communicates "you shouldn't feel that way". But people just feel what they feel, right? And that in itself is not good or bad; how they feel doesn't need to be changed. Some may want to change how they feel on it, yes! But if you were in their shoes, would saying "you're not missing out that much" really affect your sense of missing out? Again, I see you're trying to help, attempting to clarify what the mind's eye is and isn't, in hopes that it wouldn't be lifted on such a pedestal, so I commend your good intentions. It just never goes well to say to the person who's hurting "just stop hurting"

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