What is the most Karen thing a Karen has even done to you, personally?

I work in pizza, I manage the store when it’s my shift. Woman comes in, goes to the salad case and it’s a first come first serve by the slice situation so the gentleman who was ready ordered a cheese and pesto slice, moved forward to pay. Woman wasn’t even ordering food yet.

This fucking Karen.


The dude and my coworker at the reg were wide eyed and confused.

She continued to berate me for selling a cheese slice to anyone but herself and son, because she was in the store first.

Well that’s not how it works and I told her so.

She then aims her frustration towards our other guest and asks him to give up his food for her. He’s about to do that and I stop him.

“ma’am I can’t ask someone else to give up food they rightfully ordered and are about to pay for. We can have fresh cheese slices out or we can do A,B,C or D for you instead.”

None of those worked and she says “not children are supposed to have cheeSe, im going to be late now, he’s so picky, you don’t underSsTAAAND you have YOUR OWN KID TO WORRY ABOUT”

Oh yes. This moment.

“Miss, I have my own. He’s 4, and I pack extra snacks Incase this happens. Cheese is 5 mins away, are you sure don’t want a slice?”

She huffs and leaves.

Comes back. Asks for a manager. That is me. I come out smiling and she’s sooooo mad. Apologizes but not really, tries to shift blame and generally just takes up my time. and as soon as she walks out the fucking cheese is done. I still hate that bitch lol

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