What movie are you most looking forward to seeing and why?

The Northman

Robbert Eggers has been killing it recently, I watched The Witch ages ago and it was brilliant, it captured something I have never experienced which is religious terror. I don't believe in god or daemons and the such, but for those that do the terror must be unbearable and the film captures that, this is a horror that really exists in some peoples lives. I also had a good joking with myh friend who I thought thevillian was early on and was tottally right.

His ability in capturing disconcerting verisimilitude as well as surrealism is brilliant, you can see influences from Kubrick which he mentions in interviews and Werner Herzog particularly (Eggers is also doing Nosferatu remake). Credit is also hugely in part to DoP Jarin Blaschke who is along with Eggers have already proven to be auteurs and they have so much more to give.

Bjork in the film, she was wonderful in Dancer in the Dark and I just enjoy her weirdness.

I think the trailers are deceptive, don't excpect a more atrtsy Vikings (TV)/

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