What NOT To Do Around Service Dogs

I know throwing an accusation out there probably made you feel good for a little while, heck it even got a few strangers to notice your existence; but you can’t just make these sorts of statements without offering even a lick of proof because it undeniably makes you seem full of it.

If it were true you’d have an ethical responsibility to expose him properly rather than making a snide comment on reddit. So… if true, you can’t just sit here feeling smug for this utterly doleful attempt of bringing to the attention of people that would need to know!
You actually have a set of tasks to perform instead if you want even a tiny bit of recognition for being a decent human being rather than making it easy for us to just perceive you as nothing than an attention seeking or a coward to selfish to actually put in motion any change.

If you actually believed it, you would have a responsibility to find out if his service dog was a donation that should be forcefully returned so that it can actually be used by someone in genuine need. You should probably try and uncover any disabilities fraud that you can report, you should probably inform the girl in the video that her partner is a horrifyingly deceitful manipulator and she might be in an unproductive at best and dangerous relationship at worst… see these sort of ‘revelations’ have all sorts of responsibilities, throwing it out there and feeling done makes you look utterly juvenile because you were unwilling to actually do anything. So, most of those downvoters? That’s us saying we see exactly who you are even when you try and lie behind gossiping tidbits we can still see the inner mind of the person on the keyboard and you’re likely still young in thought even if not in age and unable to truly comprehend just how miserably transparent you are.

If what you’re saying, this is simply not enough action from you. So nothing for us to like about your comment, or the human who wrote it, is there?

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