What is the one story you want to tell, that you can never fit into a conversation?

I was in Italy and mentioned to another teacher I met that I really wanted to see my favorite team, Juventus, play at home. She said she could probably make that happen even though I told her I planned on buying tickets. A few days later she said we were going to a game. Turns out one of her students was the daughter of Carlos Tevez. Cool, sounds good. Little did I know it gets better.

We had to go pick up the tickets at Carlos Tevez residence in Italy as they were for his box suite. I watched the game from his suite with some of his family. Yet, almost no one I know cares as they don't follow soccer let alone non US soccer. Regardless, I really enjoyed that day. I don't think I really ever thanked her properly for setting that up but I'd want her to know I fondly think of that day often.

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