What is one time you regretted not calling the police ?

My ex boyfriend started a fight with me over nothing. I knew he was trying to escalate things so I just asked him to stop and leave me be, I didn't want to argue with him. He followed me around the apartment repeatedly yelling questions at me so I went into my bedroom and locked the door.

He broke into my room but I had already locked myself in the bathroom hoping he'd lose interest. I was wrong. He broke into the bathroom so I stepped into the shower because it was the farthest away I could get at this point. He had me cornered. He would ask me a question and I would answer. He'd tell me to "shut up" or "stop talking". If I didn't answer he'd yell "answer me".

I finally broke and screamed as loud as I could "leave me alone". He stepped back, I stupidly thought he was going to leave. But he just grabbed something off the counter and hit me in the face as hard as he could. I saw stars and blacked out. I should have called the police. I wish I had. I tried to get a restraining order twice. The first time my car broke down on the way and the second it was on a weekend and the officer behind the counter said they couldn't issue a restraining order on a weekend unless it was an emergency.

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