What is the Pettiest Thing You've Seen Someone Fired For?

TL;DR - Record snowfall. On way to work hit black ice, car is totaled but we walk away unscathed. Call boss to inform of accident within minutes. Later let go for missing single shift and theoretical "transportation issues." No prior incidents warranted termination but apparently getting into an accident on your way into work (which should have been cancelled due to weather conditions) is enough to get you fired. Real life lessons folks.


February 2010 we had a huge snowfall that was the largest recorded in the past 17 years. My older sibling was driving us to work (we worked together) and as we were going to merge onto the highway we hit a stretch of black ice, fishtailed into a 5-to-6 ft. wall of compacted snow/ice, and then spun out across a two lane highway before coming to a stop in the median. The vehicle was totaled but luckily the only thing damaged was our vehicle and besides some whiplash we were physically okay.

Sibling called 911 while I called our parents and then boss. I told boss what had happened and that we wouldn't be in for our shift (2 out of 7 people). A shift could operate smoothly with 4 people and considering the RECORD SNOWFALL there was no reason to even be open. Boss "understands" and tells us to be safe. Less than a month later we were both let go for reasons which essentially boiled down to "you missed your shift" and possible future "transportation issues."

All I can think anymore is how much of an asshole you have to be to fire two high school kids after they totaled a vehicle BECAUSE they were on their way in to WORK THEIR SHIFT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS. First experience of "real life isn't fair."

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