What is the quickest way you've seen a friend fuck up their life?

Best friend in high school and I are pretty hard drinkers but basically it's all partying, not really an issue. I go to college, he gets drafted by the Cincinnati Reds to play baseball in their minor league teams, his dream is now coming true. A year later they cut him. It just seemed to knock the stuffing out of him completely, I suppose it was something like depression, he just stopped being any fun to be around. He didn't have a backup plan and started working in a warehouse basically slinging boxes all day for not much money. He won't listen to anything about going to school or making some other plan. His drinking is now no longer a party, it's an issue. I talked to him. Other friends talked to him. He was so negative about every subject that it really did become hard to be around him. Everyone saw less and less of him.

He and I were both children of fairly well-off parents and he was an only child. Both of his parents died within a few months of each other, somewhat unexpectedly. He was sad about it but handling it well enough. After about 9 months he inherited a pretty good chunk of money. I don't really know how much total was but for weird reasons I know the net from the sale of the house alone was over $600K. I'd guess the total was something over $1 million.

3 months later we got a call from the attorney who handled his parents estate that he was dead. A few friends went into his house to clean it up to sell. We took out 3 garbage cans full of empty vodka bottles and endless pizza boxes. Since getting the money he essentially hadn't been outside the house and simply drank himself to death.

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