What’s the biggest blunder you’ve made as a medstudent/physician?

As a 3rd year student way back in the day we were in charge of staple removal post c section and discharge.

County hospital, and they didn't trust that women would come back for staple removal (which is a separate issue: we did this remove staple and immediately steristrip thing one at a time to try and keep the wound from gaping open).

Anyway, I messed up and went one woman home.

Remembered the next day, and proceeded to call her up, use my rusty Spanish to convince her to come back to the ob floor, snuck her into an empty room I had commandeered for our use along with supplies, and I removed the staples and sent her on her way. I can't imagine that happening today, as locked down as ob units are. But this was ages ago.

I confessed the whole thing to my resident, once I had fixed things.

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