What’s the most expensive things thing you own?

I am in line to inherit a house worth the better part of 1 million pounds one day (and it could even be worth over £1m by the time I get it) but I sincerely hope that's not for another 30 years as it involves the death of my mum. So fuck that noise. I never want to inherit that house. :( I'd rather be poor and keep her immortal to the end of time...

But my mum has to die before I do for her sake, so this house will be mine eventually. I've been poor all my life, like really poor, so it's gonna be so weird suddenly inheriting such an expensive property. I only found out about it 2 years ago and it has really messed with my head ever since. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with such an expensive property. I think I'm gonna have to hire people to deal with it for me because it could be a property worth over £1m by the time I get it and I'll have no clue what to do with it as I may not want to live there (it's in England, I'm in Scotland). I may technically be a millionaire while I have this property.

Argh.. I hope it's not that bad. I also hope my mum lives to be 120 years old, but we'll see.

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