I played 74 games in 7 days with a 60% winrate with 7 game winstreaks in d4 and never promoted. Ama.

If it makes you feel any better, plat 4 is pretty horrible as well. Last time I played seriously, few years ago, my highest was plat 1 into getting gatekept at diamond promos (small server) before I gave up and put the game down for a while. Been casually ranking each year since then, just doing my placements for season gold rewards.

Been tryharding this season. Took me 5 attempts at plat promos to finally finish them. Been to promos to get out of plat 4 three times now. Straight up trolled each time, and now I'm on a big fat loss streak that has tanked my MMR so it'll be a grind and a half just to get that back in order.

I'm over it TBH. I absolutely love the game, but ladder is just a huge grind that's more frustrating than it is fun. The push to keep everyone at 50% WR and massively stacking teams just makes me look at my match history after grinding all of a random saturday and think that it's just a big waste of time that'd be better spent on a game that doesn't hide it's rank system behind shitty badges and promotional series.

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