What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen ?

I don't know if it was me but the face looked identical and so did the glasses, phone and body. The girl in the picture was naked and I don't remember posting naked pictures at 13 on the internet but then again I have forgotten most of my childhood. I know I'll be arrested for child porn after mentioning this, especially if that is me.

I was staring at the picture for so long and as soon as I thought there was a difference, I compared a picture of my 13 year old self to the picture and saw there was no difference at all. I also looked at the background but it wasn't very clear.

I know there are millions of other pictures of me on Reddit. Someone posted a picture of my greyhound Toby (who died in 2019) to r/whatswrongwithyourdog years after the picture was taken so I'm sure that people have probably posted loads of pictures of me on Reddit.

In 2008 I was all over the news for having low functioning autistic meltdowns at a mainstream school. When a potential employer looks up my name, the news article about it will pop up. I am almost 100% certain the article is on Reddit with commenters rightfully calling me a terrible person.

Videos of me (taken without me knowing) are probably on rage subreddits. My meltdowns are very severe and the exact type of meltdown you'd expect on those subreddits.

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