What’s the worst way someone has broken up with you?

Right now. She pursued me. Shitty apartment in a smaller side of town. Met her. Not very attracted to her but loved her personality. Dated for a week and got pregnant. She just dropped all contact after 3 weeks. I'm adopted and never thought I could have kids. I was so down though. She came to me and said sorry but there was a miscarriage. She went to the "doctor" on Monday to confirm. I didn't know how things work so I was initially down. Then I realized she has the same doctor as me. They aren't open Monday. So I asked her for 8 hours. Straight. And she finally admitted she had an abortion without telling me. It devastated me. It still does. She came to me one day a month after and said she fucked up and we got back together. She wanted to get pregnant again. We got a bigger apartment and got pregnant. Lived there for a year. We were so happy. Moved to North and we fell apart. My job burned me out. It's very niche. And the lack of structure destroyed us. I've struggled with drinking. I caught her talking to a 22 year old dishwasher at her work last week and left to my parents second house. We have a 2 year old. I'm thinking crazy

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