What’s your worst rejection story either you rejecting someone or getting rejected?

My coworker wanted to date me, and I was really not into her. I was really stoned at work and when she started to ask me on a date I told her I was an alien from another planet with different reproductive organs, only on earth to learn to be a sandwich artist, so it would never work. She said that it would work, because she was an alien too. I told her she wasn't, I could tell and I went out the back door and smoked some more.

I kind of feel bad about it, because there's no way she believed anything I said, and I said it like I was 100% serious, she also always have me the tips at the end of the night and let me smoke out the back door while she handled customers. So I feel like I owed her a date, but we never talked about it again after that.

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