What is the scariest internet story?

Okay, true story.

Friend was out bow hunting and it had gotten dark and he hadn't returned home. his wife was worried where he was since it was dark. He wasn't too far away and I knew exactly where he was. It was a very long dead end dirt road on public land that had one way in and one way out. The road was rutty and hard to get down and as I approached the end I saw him getting into his vehicle, or so I thought. AS soon as I got near I saw what was a taller sillhouette looking over the car and then darted a few feet in the trees. I thought he must be playing around with me knowing it was me or something. So I pull up, get out and can plainly see his dome light on and door ajar.

I get out, shut the door and call his name. Now mind you it is DARK outside and you can't see your hand in front of your face. You can see the dome light from the car parked but that's it. Suddenly a rock comes flying my way and hits the ground. So I squat down and get quiet thinking he's playing around. Then, suddenly, I look off to my right and I see a light coming down the hill - it's my friend! And the image in teh woods takes a few steps. I can hear the twigs breaking. More pebbles come flying. By this time I'm about to piss my pants.

Friends makes it down. I run to him and whisper "there is someone watching us in the woods not 15 feet from where we stand." He says, "no way, there is no other person or car here." I tell him we need to get the fuck out of fucktown and get home.

To this day we have never figured out how anyone could have been there. I'm convinced it was someone waiting on him. But the guy had to have walked for MILES through the woods. The scary thing was his height, which was pretty tall. I never could figure out how tall, but it was his girth that scared me. Think Dwayne Johnson running around in the woods but just a silhouette of a guy that big.

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