What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious]

This is even better if you have a group of friends that is up to such things. I can only speak from the receiving side of this but when I moved across half the country, I tried to save money by not getting any move helpers, but I also couldnt ask my friends because I didnt want them to travel that far. I was just hoping for the classic "ask the neighbors" thing.

When I arrived and started moving up the small thing I could carry alone, some random passing-by-guy asked me if I needed help, which I thankfully accepted. What he didnt tell me was that his help invovled a text to probably a whatsapp group or whatever because during the next 30 minutes 5 other guys showed up and the work of what I thought would take the entire night was done in less than an hour.

I obviously insisted on giving them some money or at least paying dinner for them. They declined but we exchanged numbers to stay in contact. Which as usually didnt work out at all.

So, Joaquin, Sergio, Gabriel and the others guys whose names I shamefully cant remember, thank you kindly!

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