What simple decision saved your ass in the long run?

I was in college. I lived off campus and the quickest way to all of my classes was to cut through a courtyard in the middle of a quad of attached buildings. There was always a couple people in this area, so it wasn't isolated, per se, but there was reduced visibility in there. After 2 years of taking that same route every morning, one day I got to the entrance of the courtyard and I felt like I could not/should not go through there. Like, I got to the point where I'd cross the street to enter the courtyard and felt a strong "NO!", so I instead walked the long way around (which was up a steep hill and took an extra 5 minutes--which was why I never took that route). When my class was over, I decided to go back to my apartment for a nap and was going to walk through the courtyard and it was cordoned off with police tape. One of the homeless guys that used to hang out by the one bicycle rack sexually assaulted and stabbed a girl who cut through the courtyard that morning. She was attacked at the same time I would have been in that courtyard if I hadn't changed my route.

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