What is something that gets you so upset but isn’t something to really get that upset about?

The other day I went to Burger King, and I really don't like plastic cups so I take my own metal cup. I paid for a drink, filled up my own cup. Left and came back maybe 20 min later. Usually, I don't have a problem with them remembering me because I have BRIGHT purple hair. I'm kinda hard to forget. But a different lady was at the counter and she saw my cup and not a BK cup and she said "hey, quit stealing, thief!!" No matter how many times I explain I paid for a drink and brought my own cup, I was a thief. I pride myself on trying to not be a shitty person, that's why I do things like carry around a metal cup so I don't throw away plastic. So to try and do the right thing and get called a thief really upset me!! I know I'm not a thief and it shouldnt, but now I don't want bk anymore. :(

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