What Song Made You Fall In Love With Hip-Hop?

thats fair lol.

TL DR: clear blue skies - the juggaknots

if I think back far enough, some kid played 50 cents music video In Da Club in 5th grade. Got about 15 seconds in before our teacher went nuts. So that put me onto Eminem and all that but I gotta be honest. I could not get down with the look of being a early 00s rap fan. My clothes were all 2nd hand and baggy already and I fucking hated it. The worst they called me was Asain Eyes but I had Native friends getting called chigger and chankster daily. They had a CD of Clear Blue Skies they took from their mom one day and that shit was mindbending to me, compared to 50. Then it was cringy blunderyears edgelord death, stoner and doom metal.

Was trying to get with this Scene chick or her friend at the time and they were limewiring rap and basic emo bands. I heard Caribou Lou so many goddamn times. I didnt listen to rap again until foster care, and it was just late ringtone era, nothing really stuck. Foster brother had a mix CD thing in a magazine just like the metal kids, lol. I heard Stunt Hard - Drake, it didnt really stick with me.

so a few years pass, I heard Breezy Brewins verse on The Fire In Which You Burn off Funcrusher Plus, reminded me of clear blue skies. I guess it all comes back to that, I just heard it way too young holy shit I wrote a book here, disgusting. I feel less like I cheated though.

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