What sub is the most in denial?

So how's your gender studies degree going? In all seriousness r/femanism has become a small part of what feminism was earlier in history. Worrying about the small things that effect a small minority of woman in the 1st world instead of focusing on things plaguing woman around the world. Patriarchy is an illusion created to be the problem affecting woman instead of real problems. Radical feminism ruined the image of true feminism and has diluted it into a place where young impressionable woman can vent their frustrations to other young impressionable woman in an echo chamber. Your wage gap is a lie, your patriarchy is an illusion, and your time is wasted on worthless goals. Feminism is not for equality of the sexs, it is for woman's rights. egalitarians are for equality regardless of your age, sex, or race. It sucks that you have to use a pink razor that costs $20 for a 5 pack but maybe stop thinking everything is about you, FFS there are woman who are beaten and uneducated but if you don't have to shave your legs the it was all worth it. It disgusts me that you think you are complaining about something so trivial and making a stand while those who really need it are being forsaken for some plastic bic razors. If you call yourself a feminist the help the people who need it not a 16 year old girl who bases their identity on a group rather than their personal character.

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