What type of men actually use TRP?

I sort-of-not-really dated (read: was friends with, but apparently not to him) a guy who seems to be quite red pill in hindsight. I couldn't feel love for him, which also meant I couldn't find him attractive by extension, and so I wouldn't sleep with him (because I guess the word for what I am is "demisexual") and he was quite abusive about that. He stopped talking to me mid conversation when I mentioned that I had finally met someone and hasn't spoken to me since.

He thought all women were horrible and evil sluts except for me, that white women were the worst, that men should be dominant and women submissive, had a weird idea for how I would be because I am half-Japanese, was very aggressive about his opinions, anti-feminist and argumentative, and thought that men and women couldn't be friends and kind of typical stuff like that. When we met I was 17 and he was 23.

He was strong, but also fat and I think he was working out a lot to try and lose weight. He blamed me for giving him an eating disorder for being shallow because I told him I wasn't attracted to fat men. I paid for things like food and gifts and he wouldn't pay for anything for me at all. I thought it was normal to buy friends food and small gifts every once in a while, but apparently not to him.

He was incredibly insecure and constantly accused me of going after other men to sleep with them all the time, even though we weren't together and I don't behave in any way to even suggest that (I've had some male friends jokingly tell me that I seem asexual). He was angry that I have male friends, but that's because I am a gamer so we have at least one hobby to share I guess?

He lied about having past sexual experiences to me and I later found out that he had never had a relationship with a girl. I don't know why he lied about this because that's not something I've ever judged people about, and I also had no experience anyway so who am I to judge? He also had some weird lie going on about his mother and father, and something to do with inheriting over £100,000. It was so strange and convoluted that I don't even know where to start, but he was basically telling me about how rich he was.

He mocked me a lot for not going into a STEM field and being interested in "utterly useless and pointless" humanities. He was against me going to college because I might meet men there. He liked to mock me for being emotional sometimes, but seeing as I have depression/anxiety and I that I considered him my friend, I thought that maybe I could talk to him about these things.

He eventually became kinda controlling over what I was allowed to wear (constantly berating me for wearing shorts and having multiple piercings) and tried to make me play WoW with him and only him. He got onto my laptop and changed the password to my account one time so that I couldn't play anymore because I upset him (this annoyed me because I was an officer in a raiding guild). Got mad if I did anything with male or female friends and tried to look through my phone a few times. He told me that if I stopped talking to him he'd kill himself.

So this is what I imagine red pill men to be like, I guess.

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