South Korea, China warn Japan not to backtrack on apology over wartime past

I see lots of "get over it, Korea" comments.

What people fail to realize, is that while the west might focus on the last century and WWII for what happened in that area, history tells a different story.

Japan is an island nation. They have for CENTURIES, tried to conquer the Korean peninsula, to make their way into the continent. The peninsula is a critical stepping stone for Japanese run toward China. We Koreans have NEVER been the aggressors on their island, and have NEVER tried to invade their land.

We even went as far as to make ships shaped like turtles to defend our coasts against Japan. That was in the 15th fucking century.

We've always been successful at defending ourselves until 1905. To end the Japanese war against Russia, Teddy Roosevelt proposes, that Japan take the peninsula, and Russia can take the north-eastern coast of China. Roosevelt gave away what wasn't his to give. Japanese soon began their occupation of Korea. For what would result in thousands of rapes of our women, and other horrendous atrocities, Teddy Roosevelt was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Then, all the wealth belonging to the Korean nobles were confiscated. Every natural resource that could be obtained in the early 1900s were stolen. Soon, speaking Korean was outlawed, and replaced with Japanese. Many women, including my own grandmother had to do military tasks like sewing Japanese military uniforms during school. Many of her friends were also taken as part of "comfort women" to be used as frontline prostitutes in the pacific war.

They even went as far as to marry one of their royals to our then King(now a figurehead) to make sure that the Korean ruling line would be "bred out".

People in the US, have no capability of understanding what it's like to see your country fall under your enemy's rule for almost half a century, because that has never happened.

So it's easy for you to say, "get over it". Yeah. I'll get right on that. Centuries of horrible unmentionable acts, should wipe away with a night of drinking.

I still have living family members that wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares.

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