What will happen to religion by 2100?

Researchers are starting to realize that there's a trend of dogmatism regardless the dogma being religious, or scientific. So, my best bet is that religion as we know will disappear, and science will replace it. But, science will become the new religion in essence where people won't question it, just as they didn't question religion's validity 2000 years ago. Scientists will question it, and consider possibility, but you can already run into some uneducated individual that freaks out any time you say science can be wrong, even when its proposed as being correct.

You can already test it for yourself, go get into an argument with someone who abhors any spirituality, and refuses to believe anything other than science. Considering a lot of scientific research is based on testing whats possible, its strange that some people dont think critically enough to realize there are other potential avenues of truth. That science can be wrong. This is the same issue people who believe in religion encounter. People who cannot prove something themselves are more than willing to believe something is true just because science said so, even if they dont witness the phenomena.

The most of what science says can be proven with empirical evidence, but have you ever noticed that the stories behind why things work the way they do constantly evolve? Archaeologists for the longest time said T-rex was a predator, then they found an older sample of a femur and realized t rex was a scavenger. This can happen in any field, and its short sighted for us to believe science is absolute. Science will never ever be absolute, because we would need to know everything there is to know in the universe to be able to say its absolute. In that sense, scientific information is just a really really good guess that can be repeated (under current knowledge) that we accept as truth. Until it changes.

Don't get me wrong, I am not waging a war on science but trying to call attention to the catalyst for the problems we experienced with religion, and are now experiencing them in science. We need to remember that things we are told are not always necessarily true, whether they come from science, philosophy, spirituality or religion.

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