What is the worst example of spoiled behavior you have seen?

There are a couple of spoiled examples I've experienced with my current roommate. (We have been friends since we were 16 and are both 28 now)

  1. Using his mom/dads credit cards to buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Once it was a super nice orange bass amplifier and two...yes two Warwick bass guitars. The second time he decided he wanted to get back into paintball and went online and spent around $4,000 on paintball gear. He even bought 2 of the nicest guns on the market just in case any of his friends wanted to go out with him and use one. When his parents found out about these expenditures they gave him a slap on the wrist and told him not to do it again without asking.
  2. Decided he wanted to visit new york city. Within a week he was staying in a what I can only assume was a high end hotel because his room overlooked time square. He got bored and had his parents get him a flight home after being there for two days.
  3. His dad gave him a "loan" of $150,000 to open up his own recreational weed club in Colorado. He has a legit POS system but deals only in cash, doesn't pay any taxes and changes the price depending on the customer. He has a legit surveillance camera system that covers all angles of the outside/inside yet when he leaves at night he puts all the "product" in a big cardboard box and takes it with him and usually leaves it in his car sitting in the driveway of our place...yes he leaves it in his car.
  4. He likes to complain about taxes and how the wealthy shouldn't have to pay more in taxes than anyone else. When I said to him once while drinking "To be honest man I don't think anyone NEEDS five million dollars. No matter how successful they are" his response was "I think I do".
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