False Copyright Claims by Dream Crusher Media (Aptly Named)

I didn't intend on self posting this. But since making the video I've gotten two more claims from this channel. I've emailed K-391 about the issue and am hoping to not have a long drawn out process of disputing these claims.

There are other artists being claimed and most of the channels that are being hit by the claims are on the small side and I'd like to push this subject on their behalf the most. I'm clearly one of them as well but I'm not the type of guy to lay back and take it up the butt by these false claims. I previously had a claim back in Janurary by the same channel that after disputing, being denied, appealing, waiting for two weeks, it was finally removed.

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but the video and this post has eased a bit of my frustration. It's clearly not about money, I've made literally two dollars from all the videos being claimed. It's about protecting my rights as a content creator and protecting the artists that make the music. I'm not sure about any other artist's music being falsly claimed but I know for the longest time K-391 offered his music for free and to be monetized. After all the rampant false claims he has had to change his stance as seen on his updated permission form. http://www.k-391.com/#!form/ccz9

It's a shame that instead of YouTube doing something about these channels, the actual creator of the music has to change their policy on how they intended the music to be used. I'd honestly be perfectly content if K-391 were able to get the copyright claims on these videos instead of the false ones.

Sorry for the long winded post to go with the video. I'm not even sure I have enough link Karma for this to stay on the subreddit. Either way, thanks for any support on the matter.

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