What would you do with a million dollars?

I'm a 19-year old with a set dream in life, a dream of creating esport events and help spread the word of this phenomenom, so that other's can feel the same joy I feel when watching and experiencing my passion. With a million dollars I would do everything in my way to fulfill that dream.

Most people in my age would probably spend half of it on alcohol, cars etc. and stuff that I would say are "temporary", but I would make sure to take care of it and use it for things I categorize as self-improvement and then help give back to others.

I would make sure to get a proper college education in business administration fit for chasing my dream, and use the money wisely for travelling to esport events that would help me with eventually becoming a project manager for esport events myself.

I have the rare benefit of at 19 years of age knowing what I find important and fun in my life, and not only that but I've after two years of volunteering for various esport companies earned my first paycheck in the industry just two months ago (it was just $800, but still). I want to make the most out of this awesome opportunity I have to reach the heights I have the ambition of reaching.

My dad has been working as a guard at a power plant for over two decades, and my mom has lived in the same town for her entire life working as an administrator for a hospital, but I want to reach higher than that and make something not just for myself but for others.

I want to travel over the world and create things that make others happy, I want to take this passion I have for esports and turn it into something where I can spread it and make others happy in their lives.

A million dollars would remove so many obstacles in my way to fulfilling this dream, and it would give me the possibility to not just affect my own life, but affect others in an awesome way.

It's not about the money in the long run and it's not about the fame, but it's about fulfilling a dream and making it no matter what.

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