What are some of the worst cheap shots in NFL history?

Everyone was talking about how Burfict was the heart of the defense. People were defending him saying they it just looked bad or it was heat of the moment stuff. That he wasn't a dirty player but just making plays. I'm not saying that all of the sub is like that, but there were more than enough comments supporting him that were near the top of threads that week to make me lose a little faith in that community. Not to mention when the goodwill posts get posted in r/Bengals they tend to be downvoted and filled with trash talk from Bengals fans. I know after the first Steelers game this season the Steelers sub was filled with posts about how good of a game it was and fans of the Bengals who posted about how it was a good game were treated kindly (with negative comments being downvoted) yet when Steelers fans posted in your sub all the trash was upvoted.

Especially seeing as Huber was put in the hospital for that and it wasn't just a twist of the ankle.

Just because it was a different outcome doesn't make it worse. Huber broke his jaw which sucked. He also didn't take the steps to prevent an injury from happening such as wearing a mouthguard or looking around the play he was trying to make a tackle in. Not trying to victim blame, but there were things he could've done to at least attempt to minimize the damage that he didn't do. Burfict tried breaking ankles at least twice in the Panthers game and has a history of similar actions. Just because he didn't succeed at it doesn't make it any better. And there's nothing Newton or Olsen could've done differently to help mitigate that from happening.

People did justify Burfict and people do routinely talk shit to "outside" fans while in most NFL team subs fans are much more welcome to discussion. Take a trip around each team sub and you'll pretty easily see which subs have pretty solid discussion and respect for opponents and which subs resort to trash talk and petty whining about every opponent. I'm not saying you participate in it and I'm not saying you were upvoting the Burfict stuff, but here:


Look through that. Top comments in the thread. Pre-edit the OP actually said something relatively nice about the Steelers and was harassed for it so he changed his post. Other top posts saying how he's not the cleanest but how these ankle twistings weren't dirty and how it wasn't that forceful of a twist. Not to mention most of the top posts aren't even relevant to the discussion but instead choose to bash Steelers or r/NFL in general. One guy was bold enough to ask the r/Bengals community to stop trolling other sub reddits just for fun and instead focus on actual discussion but had to preface that with "Please let me start off with apologizing for my response." Do you really think that r/Bengals is a positive community? I certainly don't from what I've seen on their sub and when they go to troll other subs.

Yeah, bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. But that's why you usually see the bad apples downvoted hard on most subs and not some of the top posts of the week in r/Bengals.

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