What do you think is wrong with the world today?

Oh jesus... so many things! The worlds is messed up big time. Almost everything you see is tapped.

To name a just a few.

Everyone is weak. Fat. Poorly. On medication. But the upsetting thing is, that's what the higher co-operations exactly want. They want us all weak, fat and relying on meds.

People are hooked on TV, smart phones and social media.

Parents are failing their children. They are not being the example that kids need. (So no suprises when the kids grow up with mental and health problems)

Mental health is declining rapidly. What's the cause? Well, all the things im listing. Tv, phones, social media.

Men are becoming sissy. Girls are getting surgey before they are even 21. It's SCARY!!

The rich are getting richer... the poorer are getting poorer.

It's mind boggling how everyone worships celebrities and don't even know their own self worth. They neglect their own health and wealth for the sake of their favourite 'celebrity'

We're only here once, yet we all live as if we're going to live forever.

Technology is taking over.

We are all over stimulated and our brains can't keep up. Even brain tumors have rising the past two decade. Not a coincidence when we're all staring at our phones all day.

I can't imagine what life is going to be like in another 30-50 years. Scares the shit out of me. We wouldnt even recognise ourselves as humans anymore!

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