What was your experience of the last recession? How was your life in 2008? What happened to you? (I was in school)

My wife and I did well.

This is not a brag. I am well aware of my privilege. I tell it simply to show that some people prosper. Often those with the most advantages.

I Had sold a property in 2007 for a profit of 90k on 11k investment. (London property market for you)

I then took a new job in 2011 with significant pay rise plus equity which paid out 500k over next 7 years in two lump sums.

My wife increased her earning power and in 2011 we bought a new family home, which we could scarcely afford at the time but have subsequently leveraged the increased value to renovate the property and invest in a buy to let property in central London plus a second home at the seaside.

Also helped by a small inheritance and onsiderable generosity of my wife's father.

I now work freelance and look after kids with a great work/life balance. Earning approx my salary in 2011 for 2/3 days a week.

Expect to be back im full time work in around 18 months.

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