What's the most overrated thing about the US?

I live in Boston, which is either the least friendly part of the USA, or the second least friendly compared to New York. Depends on who you ask.

Most of us up here hate the general courtesy things. They feel very phony to us. Like people are saying it, but they don't mean it. And the forced interaction sucks. Around here, I just like to go to the store, see the deli guy, and the transaction goes like this:

Me: "Half pound of ham."

Deli Dude: "Krakus polish is on sale." Me: "Sounds good."

That's it. Quick. Efficient. No bullshit. The Northeast way.

Down south, it's more like this:

Me: "Half pound of ham."

Deli Dude: awkward uncomfortable stare Me: "Right. I have to humor you. Sorry. How are you doing today?" Deli Dude: "I'm doing just fantastic good partner, how 'bout yourself?" Me: "Well I'm glad to hear it good buddy. Fine weather." Deli Dude: "Sure is. Just about perfect! So what can I get for you?" Me: "I'd like a half pound of ham, please." Deli Dude: "What kind of ham you want? We've got honey, smoked, cured, store brand, boar's head, polish, danish....." Me: "Are any on sale?" Deli Dude: "Well, I'd be happy to check for you. Wait just a minute!" Me: ... Deli Dude: "Turns out you're in luck! The Krakus Polish ham is on sale!" Me: "Well that's just fantastic. Thank you very much for checking. I'll take a half pound of that."" Deli Dude: "Here you go partner, you have a good day now, you hear?" Me: "You too, sir."

God that sucks. It's probably cool when you visit for a day. But living in it and having to go through it for every transaction is an obnoxious waste of time.

This woman I knew moved to New York City from North Carolina. The first day she's there, she's walking out of her apartment and setting her locks on the door. She sees an old woman doing the same down the hall. She goes, "Good morning, ma'am! Gee, I'm not from around here, and I've never had to lock my doors before!" The old woman turns to her and says angrily, "I'm not part of your day!"

And that's the difference between the Northeast and the South/Midwest illustrated in the purest form I've ever heard.

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