What's something that someone said that made you instantly hate them?

My pediatrician is like that! I had my kid last spring, in a "baby-friendly" hospital, so I had the nurses/lactation consultants pushing breastfeeding and my pediatrician and his staff demanding I use formula. I had one nurse yelling at me for not using formula, and so I asked for some and got yelled at by another nurse. I'm not sure which side called in a social worker to yell at me, but someone did. No matter how I chose to feed my baby, I had someone in there telling me I was hurting him.

I stopped supplementing with formula when my son was a week old (hevstarted refusing to drink it), and I was terrified to tell his doctor. My son has always been massively tall, and I was recently told to stop breastfeeding and feed him less because he's too big. Uhhh I'm pretty sure he's big because his dad is really tall. His weight is perfectly normal for his height, and he's quite a bit less chubby than most other ten-month-olds I see. Weaning him isn't going to magically make him shorter. He was absurdly long when he was born, too.

Now I've got people up my ass because he's a shy kid, because he's not walking yet (again, he's only ten months old!), and because he can only say a few words. Ugh. It never ends, does it?

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