What's the worst sex you've ever had?

There's three experiences for me.

1) Cute blonde chick I was dating. She's 5'2", loves Sherlock n all that, dated while I was about 17 iirc, maybe 18. Either way, she's a tad bit older. So this super skinny cutie was my crush for like 2 years, and when I heard she wanted to DATE me I was like "Shit yeah this'll be great!". It was not. But skipping to the sex, it'd be the second instance in which we had sex. The first was great, second... ugghhh. It went wrong all too fast and all too much. So she wanted me to give her oral. Right, no biggie, only did it once to a girl before... and it was just. So bad. The taste, the smell, good god - the only thing keeping the smell so close to it was her massive pubes. Ended with hair in my mouth, but I said it was cat hair "because it looked orange" lol yeah no. Soo theeeen I was like "well shit I don't have a condom". She said "Oh, don't worry, I borrowed one from (our mutual black friend)". Great. See it wouldn't be so bad, but I knew for a fact his dick is smaller. Significantly smaller. So to ANYONE that says condoms are "one size fits all" like she did, FUCK YOU COULD NOT BE ANY MORE WRONG. It was like 2 sizes too small, and holy shit, my dick got constricted so badly. I was in so much pain in the first three minutes, my dick was going limp because blood couldn't circulate properly, but it was still a bit chubby so it was good enough to penetrate, but I couldn't even FEEL my dick anymore. We stopped after it started causing friction in her cooch because we got all the lube off of it somehow. It was painful, it was awkward, and god damn it, just overall awful.

NUMBER 2 ) Not nearly as long. Same girl - we went into the forest to fuck, but without lube and her bush blocking my spit, we had no real way of penetration since she couldn't get wet easily. So we just went at it. Only the head got in, I felt and heard my dick pop, and yeah... pain. But I came so quickly it wasn't funny.

3) I'm keeping this one very brief, but it was a fat girl that was a smoker which made her cooter smell like horrible dog shit. We were about to fuck, she stripped on the bed as I took my shirt off, and the moment her pants came off, my room just WHAFFED with the big, disgusting cooch smell that will never leave my head again. Imagine having to smell that, as someone with a sensitive nose, for 10 minutes whilst having sex. I couldn't even hold my nose properly. Just let that sink in.

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