What's Your Background In Hip-Hop?

  1. How long you've actively started listening to hip-hop - 7 years

  2. Age and location - 15, Small town in Central Virginia USA

  3. How you got into hip-hop - I heard 808s&HB somewhere, on the radio, I think when I was 8. I had never listened to rap before and no one in my family was into it, I was almost exclusively raised on The Grateful Dead before that. I heard Heartless and/or Love Lockdown.. I made my first music purchase ever and bought 808s and listened to it over and over. I didn't really understand how albums and releases and everything worked, but eventually I got into the rest of Kanye's discography. I found that I liked his usual actual rap even more that his weird RnB 808s-type stuff. I guess it was a good transition ground for me to get into rap. I don't really listen to RnB nowadays though.

  4. First LP/EP you've listened to in it's entirety - 808s & Heartbreak

  5. A timeless track for you - Ten Crack Commandments

  6. Favorite rapper/producer of all time - Biggie

  7. Favorite album of all time - Ready to Die

  8. Favorite underrated album that you see as essential - As for /r/HHH, I cant say

  9. Favorite track at the moment - Pusha T - Pain (ft. Future)

  10. Favorite rapper/producer at the moment - I've been really into Flatbush Zombies for a minute

  11. Favorite album at the moment - I've been bumping Old by Danny Brown a lot lately, for the first cycle since my listening when it first released.

  12. What kind of hip-hop are you into - **Almost everything, I listen to almost anything I can get my hands on and I'd say I have a pretty wide range of tastes. I love everything from Migos, to Biggie, to Kanye, to A Tribe Called Quest, to Madvilliany, to Death Grips. I will say I should expand my RnB listening though, because I'm only really familiar with a couple bigger RnB artists.

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